Teething Symptoms and Remedies | A guide for every parent

Teething…..Ah, the trials and tribulations of teething! It's like climbing Mount Everest for both you and your precious angels. As a parent, it's downright agonizing to witness your darling bundle of joy in pain, with limited options to offer relief. So here are some useful tips and facts to help both you and your toddler survive this difficult phase.

Every child has their own unique teething pattern, Some mini humans kick off this dental debut as early as a mere 3 months, while others prefer to make a grand entrance around the first-year mark. Yet, the prime time for this pearly adventure seems to be the classic age of 6 months.

Symptoms that your baby has started teething; 

teething baby in pain

  • Excessive Drooling- Babies drooling like Niagara Falls? Don't worry, it's just a sign that they're teething! That excess saliva is actually a handy trick to soothe those tender gums. But let's face it, the drool avalanche can turn into a messy nightmare real quick. So, here's a hot tip: grab a wipe and give their little chins a gentle swipe to prevent any rashes from forming and if you really want to up your drool game, try these pacifiers to help control the drool. Trust me, your sanity (and your wardrobe) will thank you. 

teething baby drooling in the cradle sleepng. mom wiping baby face

  • Gum Swelling and Pain- Are your little one’s gums looking red and puffy? Don't you fret; everything's A-okay! It's simply a sign that those pearly whites are ready to make an appearance. Now, if you're looking for a way to soothe the pain and reduce the swelling, we've got just the trick up our sleeves. Behold, the teething pacifier clip! Pop that bad boy in the freezer for about half an hour, and once it's chilled to perfection, pop it in your little one's mouth for some sweet relief. Ain't nothing gonna stop that little chomper from smiling now!
  • Irritability and disturbed sleep patterns- As any parent knows, the teething phase is like a visit from the Grinch - stealing sleep and cheer from your once content baby. It's a tough time, like dealing with a mini-monster who's permanently in a sour mood. Sadly, there's not a whole lot you can do to alleviate their discomfort. However,  my husband and I have come up with a genius plan - tag-teaming in the middle of the night with cuddles and soothing gum massages for our little one. It's like we're Batman and Robin, but instead of fighting crime, we're battling fussy baby sleep regression!
  • Loss of appetite- Got a cute little bub with tender gums and a case of the teething blues? Good luck getting them to chow down on anything, even their beloved snacks. Some kiddos might crave more milk, while others will turn up their tiny noses and be like milk? What milk? I don't recall ever needing sustenance before. However, hydration is key. Get 'em sipping on water like it's going out of style, and mix some milk into those purees and smoothies. We're talking liquid goodness here, folks. Flavored yogurts, purees, cold milk, smoothies - the works. And if that's not enough, get creative with some mashed up bananas, potatoes, eggs, and whatever else you can think of. Just remember, we want to avoid any chomping and chewing situations, got it? Good. Now let's get our little ones on the road to recovery!
Our one of a kind BPA free, Food grade silicon, and non toxic teething/feeding spoons are perfect for helping your baby to take in liquid/solid foods. Need further proof of their awesomeness? Even our own toddler couldn't get enough of them - he used them as a soothing chew toy long after the last bite was gone. Talk about spoon-derful! 


The Timeline of Teething (also known as watching your sweet angels turn into tiny teething machines); The main teeth normally develop in pairs, with the lower front teeth, known as central incisors, appearing first, followed by the upper front teeth. This entire set of primary teeth, which consists of 20 teeth, usually occurs by the age of three.

parent struggling to comfort a teething baby in pain and crying

Dental care; Hey parents, listen up! Don't wait until your kiddo is a little chomper before you start taking care of their oral hygiene. Trust me, I learned this the hard way, and my sister still hasn't let me live it down. So, get ahead of the game and gently wipe your baby's gums with a damp towel or baby toothbrush. And, when those pearly whites finally sprout, brush 'em twice a day with a dab of fluoride free toothpaste (we're talking the size of a water droplet here). My little one’s all time favorite is this finger toothbrush (in blue, of course; all hell will break loose if we can’t find it before bedtime); it works those teeny teeth like a boss and gives those tender gums some sweet relief. It's a total win-win, folks! (The finger toothbrush comes with a travel case and suits bigger fingers too). 

Natural Home Remedies; If you're searching for ways to treat your kiddo's aches and pains without resorting to chemical-filled potions, we've got you covered. Here's a couple of DIY remedies that'll have your little one feeling like royalty in no time. 

  • Freeze some milk in your trusty ice cube trays and watch as their sore gums get some sweet relief.
  • You could also opt for the washcloth knot trick by tying up the corners of a damp cloth, freezing it, and letting them chomp on it until the cows come home (or until their teeth start coming in).
  • Grab a trusty metal spoon, pop it into the freezer and get ready to work some magic! Gently rub the rounded edges along those tender spots for some much-needed relief. Ah, sweet relief. Bliss for babies, peace for parents.
  • A bath might just be the answer to those tiny toothy troubles. Not only will it ease those sore gums, but it'll give your little one a chance to soak and unwind. 
  • Lastly , for the ultimate distraction technique, we suggest turning the pain into a party! Whip up some fruit juice popsicles and freeze 'em solid. Your mini-me will be so busy sucking on that delicious frozen treat, they won't even notice the ickiness going on in their mouth. See, who says pain relief can't be yummy?

Let me remind you that every tiny human is one of a kind, and their teething tale is no exception. Some might just give a little grunt, while others might be screaming like they're auditioning for a rock band. So, brace yourselves and show some love and support during this trying time. Slow and steady wins the race, folks!

DISCLAIMER: For personalized advice and guidance regarding your baby's teething process, we recommend consulting a pediatrician or a dental professional. They will be able to address any concerns or questions you may have in a professional and informed manner.